AllerCalc 2.11

Excellent calculator with multiple options


  • Very powerful
  • Possible to calculate complex equations
  • Calculates in metric and imperial measurements


  • Doesn't have any instructional information

Very good
AllerCalc, previously know as VersaCalc, is an advanced calculator which allows you to perform complex scientific calculations that other calculators can't handle.

The calculator works with a rotating screen that stores your last calculations and results. It supports more than forty functions including algebraic, transcendental, trigonometrical, hyperbolic and financial. Chances are that if you can't solve a mathematical equation with this calculator, then you won't be able to solve it with anything.

AllerCalc also includes different options that allow you to choose the sources, format (general or scientific) and select the number of decimals to visualize. You can even make metric conversions and much much more. A powerful calculator for that need some serious mathematical power.

AllerCalc (formerly known as VersaCalc) is an expression calculator which allows you to directly enter an expression to be evaluated. This versatile calculator features a re-sizable rolling display storing all of your inputs and results. It also has more than one hundred functions, including algebraic, transcendental, trigonometric, hyperbolic, engineering, statistical, and financial functions.

Calculations are not only in decimal but also in binary, octal, hexadecimal, and other numeric bases. It also has a comprehensive unit converter that can convert between virtually any two units in metric, English, and US systems.



AllerCalc 2.11

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    Uninstalled it after just a few minutes.
    1) no easy way to flip between decimal and hex. you have to drop down t...   More